Sunday, July 1, 2012

Get Ready To Click Replay

Some professional Hooning from the mother land of dorifto.... by no means is this a new video clip but an instant classic it is forsure! I watch this clip atleast once a week and everytime i watch, i watch it over and over and each time it blows my mind to pieces. To pull a trick like this on any driver is amazing but to do it to a veteran like "monkey man" Ken Nomuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuura is proof Daigo Saito is one of the best drivers to ever pull the awesome handle(E-Brake). Daigo has taken on an unbeliveable challenge this year competing in D1GP, Formula Drift Asia and for his first time Formula Drift U.S. where he took first place at round 3 ending J.T.P's rain of mustang terror... i just hope competing in three differnt pro drift cuircuits doesn't burn him out and that he's left some time to drift for fun, cuz thats what it's realy about and why we do it at all.... good luck in all your races Saito Daigo San and keep smile'n and slide'n

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