Friday, February 28, 2014

JAYYEAH - I WILL ALWAYS PROTECT U -Trap beat & a drifting 5series

I have selected for yous' a fresh release from Hauntxr(released 8 hours ago) featuring a video including some good ol doridori(check that parking garage dirft up the circle ramp... so smooth) I'm a pretty frequent visitor to the Hauntxr youtube channel, its loaded with trap beats and some songs with mc's.  Defently some gutter shit super creative super ghetto with a heavy suppressed youth feel to it, lots of talk of getting leaned not caring about tomorrow. Anyways i thought id share this video here due to the footage of a drifting 5series spliced into the trip replicating visuals that more often then not accompany the Hauntxr videos. I have to give credit where credit is due i was turnt on to Hauntxr from a post on a couple months ago if you like anything you've seen here its definitely worth checking out the irony crew those cats are sitting on the pulse

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Get Ready to BOOGIE

coming soon!
After a nearly 2 year hiatus from posting on here i'm coming back hopefully with a few contributors eventually. I spent most of my 2013 4000kms away form my beloved fcrx7 until i was able to go back to ontario tie up some lose ends wire up some things and drive it across north america to the pacific coast where she lives with me now. I don't recommend traveling 1000 + kms a day for 4days straight in a slammed car with an excessively loud exhaust, a fixed position bucket seat, and no stereo or ac... but in the imortal words of meatloaf "I would do anything for love" but i did do that... and i even enjoyed most of it.... I documented my travels in photos on my phone and planed on sharing them on this blog, but i lost my phone(and i've lost another since then).... anyways...blah,blah,blah... ive got my fc back with me, the two of us now live in B.C. there are roads out here that are better then dreams, mountain passes that will leave cream in your jeans.... i plan on abusing my car frequently this summer i may even convert my current daily driver to race on the local dirt circle. so as i document my fun i hope you can enjoy it with me!