Sunday, March 9, 2014

IRONY Car Club..::..repost

I try to find stuff for you's in the far corners of the (usually nippon)interwebs and in my daily life that represents some form of shakotan life or something like that. The point i'm trying to communicate is that I try to avoid just reposting from other blogs or showing you something you've probably already seen. When i came across this fc3s-Rx7's portrait though I was immediately urged to go against my aforementioned convictions, I've held off for a few days now but no longer. Here is the nicest Fc that I've seen in a while.... Maybe ever... I always thought that the factory kouki taillights(with lamps) were the best look and that L.E.D. tails looked strange and out of period on an Fc, but they way they look here, the way they shine so bright in daylight... I don't even know now...  I'm not going to be taking the drill to mine right away but i have to admit the thought is now on my mind. So if you haven't payed a visit to yet, check it out or you're miss'n out.