Saturday, June 30, 2012

Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover... Or a Evo By It's Chassis

                                                                   Evolution 5.8?
When i was at Tony's toys taking pictures of his Evolution6(to befeatured very soon) my attention was drawn to the service bay parking lot where i saw this menacing Evo5, or atleast what i thought was an Evo5 

I was aproached by the owner, a master technician of tonys who goes by the alias "Engineer" he was more then happy to pop his hood and give me the story on this unique Mitsubishi. I'm told that Engineer picked this vehicle up as an empty rolling chassis and rather then replace what was missing why not replace it with somthing better, but no simple engine swap would satisfy this man, Engineer swaped evrything from an Evo8 into his car; engine, drive line, and so much more.

As Engineer tells me this was not his first bout with the legendary and stout  4G63,  he told me about 1000+hp 55psi pushing dyno destroyers he built in his time in the U.S.A. I wont spoil you with hp numbers on this car as engineer dreams to import this car northward and visit his brother in Toronto. So hopfully dreams come true and you can find out for yourself how much power this Evo5.8 is packing when you're left standing at the christmass tree at a drag strip near you.

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