Monday, May 26, 2014


So excited for this, reminds me of ripping from M&M to The Lookout when i was younger and dumber. If you're not sure what KanjoZoku is... well I'm not either but I know kanjo racing is insanely dangerous, happens on crowded public freeways, looks so fun and Honda FF's seem to be the choice ride especially the civic hatch. So thats Kanjo... Zoku im sure is a japanese word that has a definition but in this context i think its derived from Bosozoku possibly the most outrageous way of styling a car usually taking a functional idea way beyond any function(ie; over cambered wheels, overtly tall spoilers or vertical exhausts of all shapes and sizes, to name a few trends) i believe KanjoZoku is a merging of these two cultures, what ever it is I love it and can't wait for the full feature... at least there's formula drift miami to keep my eyes occupied this weekend

Tuesday, May 20, 2014



At this very moment I'm trying to track down the owner of an automatic RPS13 i found on kijiji that is identical to my RottenPS13. If I'm sucsessfull I'll be tearing the tranny, clutch peal, centre console, and 2 way diff out my garbage car and putting them in the new rustless chasis. I figured I'd grab the front quater pannels for extras keep the rear glass for a spare and maybe the front kuncles for some exparamentation then send the car for scrap. Though after seeing this photo i think ill have to steal the rear lamps and bummber so i can make my own tire/travel rack before she's added to the heap...      i always new holding on to that rust bucket would pay off one day.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Keep it Real in Lithuania With Rousk Roges

Here's one of my favourite episodes from season one of prep your sleigh Rousk'y man and his bro slip'n on public roads.... enjoy.

correction im dumb correction

So a few weeks ago i posted the jayeah i will always protect you video i called the car (against my better judgement) a 5 series, i knew i thought i saw an e36 in there but the clear shots are of a 5 series drifting the streets. Anyways my recent youtubing has learnt me that the sick parking garage drift is rousk roges of "NORBEFILMS" from Lithuania the star and host of my favorit new show"prep your sleigh" witch is now on season two... this show is super dope it not in engrish but there are subtitles for dummies like me and you... its a rad show due to the complete lack of race tracks in Lithuania these guys just slide public streets, they've got no choice and the cops there seem pretty understanding..... imagine that cops not treating street racers like murderers carrying waepons, sounds like paradise oh wait no race tracks.... not paradise... anyways these guys are the real deal keeping it realer then anyone outside japan.... PROPS ROUSK..... go catch up on "Prep your sleigh" its great im'a go watch season 2 episode 10 right now.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

IRONY Car Club..::..repost

I try to find stuff for you's in the far corners of the (usually nippon)interwebs and in my daily life that represents some form of shakotan life or something like that. The point i'm trying to communicate is that I try to avoid just reposting from other blogs or showing you something you've probably already seen. When i came across this fc3s-Rx7's portrait though I was immediately urged to go against my aforementioned convictions, I've held off for a few days now but no longer. Here is the nicest Fc that I've seen in a while.... Maybe ever... I always thought that the factory kouki taillights(with lamps) were the best look and that L.E.D. tails looked strange and out of period on an Fc, but they way they look here, the way they shine so bright in daylight... I don't even know now...  I'm not going to be taking the drill to mine right away but i have to admit the thought is now on my mind. So if you haven't payed a visit to yet, check it out or you're miss'n out.

Friday, February 28, 2014

JAYYEAH - I WILL ALWAYS PROTECT U -Trap beat & a drifting 5series

I have selected for yous' a fresh release from Hauntxr(released 8 hours ago) featuring a video including some good ol doridori(check that parking garage dirft up the circle ramp... so smooth) I'm a pretty frequent visitor to the Hauntxr youtube channel, its loaded with trap beats and some songs with mc's.  Defently some gutter shit super creative super ghetto with a heavy suppressed youth feel to it, lots of talk of getting leaned not caring about tomorrow. Anyways i thought id share this video here due to the footage of a drifting 5series spliced into the trip replicating visuals that more often then not accompany the Hauntxr videos. I have to give credit where credit is due i was turnt on to Hauntxr from a post on a couple months ago if you like anything you've seen here its definitely worth checking out the irony crew those cats are sitting on the pulse