Friday, July 13, 2012

Dude She is Smokin..... Those Tires

So i was snurfing around YouTube and stumbled upon somthing i couldn't help but share.... i  just saw the title: Mountain Drift by Iva Rusinova, and i had a strong feeling i was in for a treat.  I thought to my self  " I like drifting videos, especialy ones on mountain roads... Iva Rusinova, she sounds Hott! especialy if she can drift threw mountain roads" and guess what she is Hott and she can drift.... and BONUS she drives an ugly old 4dr too boot. There is a funny little flame war going on in the comments section of this page on you tube, aside from the gender bashing i noticed some guys calling her car an audi80-90  i think it's an 80 but  I dont know to much about germnan car's (nor am i a huge fan) but i can apreciate nice ones and this boxy ugly old thing is right up my alley... anyhow... good filming, good editing, good driver, good looking driver and no enoying techno= a pretty darn entertaining little video with a proper start middle and end short and sweet with no boring filler.... great job who ever "Savlio1" is and great driving Iva ... enjoy friends

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