Monday, May 26, 2014


So excited for this, reminds me of ripping from M&M to The Lookout when i was younger and dumber. If you're not sure what KanjoZoku is... well I'm not either but I know kanjo racing is insanely dangerous, happens on crowded public freeways, looks so fun and Honda FF's seem to be the choice ride especially the civic hatch. So thats Kanjo... Zoku im sure is a japanese word that has a definition but in this context i think its derived from Bosozoku possibly the most outrageous way of styling a car usually taking a functional idea way beyond any function(ie; over cambered wheels, overtly tall spoilers or vertical exhausts of all shapes and sizes, to name a few trends) i believe KanjoZoku is a merging of these two cultures, what ever it is I love it and can't wait for the full feature... at least there's formula drift miami to keep my eyes occupied this weekend

Tuesday, May 20, 2014



At this very moment I'm trying to track down the owner of an automatic RPS13 i found on kijiji that is identical to my RottenPS13. If I'm sucsessfull I'll be tearing the tranny, clutch peal, centre console, and 2 way diff out my garbage car and putting them in the new rustless chasis. I figured I'd grab the front quater pannels for extras keep the rear glass for a spare and maybe the front kuncles for some exparamentation then send the car for scrap. Though after seeing this photo i think ill have to steal the rear lamps and bummber so i can make my own tire/travel rack before she's added to the heap...      i always new holding on to that rust bucket would pay off one day.