Tuesday, June 26, 2012

my very first time!

so this is my first post... and thats my fc... thats also my bike...and i also own those other two P.O.S's in the background (rps13and aw11 both forsale)
I guess I'll tell you about my plans for this blog(as if anyone cares).... I want to show the exploits and expeditions of me and my friends and show you some of the cool cars i encounter on my travels out and about this strange planet.

I'm curently in the Grand Caymen and yesterday i had a meeting with "Mista Tony" owner and operator of Tony's Toys ( http://www.tonystoys.net/) a very impressive service/upgrade shop and peformance/jdm parts store located here in the Grand Cayman. He does it all from an oil change on a crv to full on race car builds and tuning or even importing your JDM dream ride. Mista(MR) Tony is an amazingly nice and personable man, he took me into his office told me all about his operation and invited me to check out his stable of race ready ponies tomorow i was told to expect higly modified offerings form Honda, Toyota and Mitsubishi... if we are lucky enough mayb he will let me post some pics and an article about these jdm racers.

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