Friday, February 28, 2014

JAYYEAH - I WILL ALWAYS PROTECT U -Trap beat & a drifting 5series

I have selected for yous' a fresh release from Hauntxr(released 8 hours ago) featuring a video including some good ol doridori(check that parking garage dirft up the circle ramp... so smooth) I'm a pretty frequent visitor to the Hauntxr youtube channel, its loaded with trap beats and some songs with mc's.  Defently some gutter shit super creative super ghetto with a heavy suppressed youth feel to it, lots of talk of getting leaned not caring about tomorrow. Anyways i thought id share this video here due to the footage of a drifting 5series spliced into the trip replicating visuals that more often then not accompany the Hauntxr videos. I have to give credit where credit is due i was turnt on to Hauntxr from a post on a couple months ago if you like anything you've seen here its definitely worth checking out the irony crew those cats are sitting on the pulse

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