Tuesday, April 8, 2014

correction im dumb correction

So a few weeks ago i posted the jayeah i will always protect you video i called the car (against my better judgement) a 5 series, i knew i thought i saw an e36 in there but the clear shots are of a 5 series drifting the streets. Anyways my recent youtubing has learnt me that the sick parking garage drift is rousk roges of "NORBEFILMS" from Lithuania the star and host of my favorit new show"prep your sleigh" witch is now on season two... this show is super dope it not in engrish but there are subtitles for dummies like me and you... its a rad show due to the complete lack of race tracks in Lithuania these guys just slide public streets, they've got no choice and the cops there seem pretty understanding..... imagine that cops not treating street racers like murderers carrying waepons, sounds like paradise oh wait no race tracks.... not paradise... anyways these guys are the real deal keeping it realer then anyone outside japan.... PROPS ROUSK..... go catch up on "Prep your sleigh" its great im'a go watch season 2 episode 10 right now.

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